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The Self-Kindness Kickstarter

A one-hour, on-demand introductory webinar

Self-compassion can be very helpful. But how to do it? Learn clear, simple, down-to-earth and day-to-day strategies for putting self-compassion into practice now.

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The Self-Kindness Kickstarter: Headliner
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During this one-hour webinar we will...

Define 'self-compassion'

What self-compassion is, what it isn't, what some of the blocks to self-compassion might be, and how to work with them.

Discover three key steps

How to validate, reassure and encourage ourselves as part of self-compassion, in simple terms and including practical tips!

Set an intention to be kind

A selection of practical, self-compassion strategies and an intention to put them into practice, being kind to yourself every day.

Get Instant Access for AUD $19
The Self-Kindness Kickstarter: About
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This webinar will help you have a real and practical sense of how to be kind to yourself, and invite you to set an intention and begin to take steps towards a more compassionate life, now and into the future!

. One-hour, introductory webinar
. Available instantly on-demand
. Accompanying self-compassion worksheet
. Attendance certificate

Get Instant Access for AUD $19
The Self-Kindness Kickstarter: Quote
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Dr Stan Steindl

Clinical Psychologist

Stan is a therapist, researcher and trainer who focuses on a therapeutic approach called Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). Part of CFT involves bringing compassion to our own difficulties, challenges or stressors, otherwise known as self-compassion.

Stan has worked with countless people to help them develop self-compassion. And there’s certainly a lot of evidence that self-compassion can lead to improved confidence, increased motivation, and greater life satisfaction and happiness.

The problem is that people often feel unsure or confused about it. The most common response they give to the idea of self-compassion is, “Sure! But how do I do it?” 

Stan's has a passion for identifying with people clear, simple, down-to-earth and day-to-day ways and means of putting self-compassion into practice. And the results are often quite profound!

The Self-Kindness Kickstarter: Team
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